~Iliamna's Quest~


Nearly everyone has a goal to have love in their lives. It is a primal need, I believe - to feel the bonding, comfort, warmth and trust of another living thing. While a person can survive without love - it seems those that do find means to lash out at society and others. Our very souls cry for love .. our hearts ache for it and, like the children we all are deep inside, we need that loving touch of another.

Love comes in many forms. There is the parental love, shared between children and their mother or father .. the love that one friend has for another trusted friend .. the love that creates an emotional bond between human and animals .. and then, of course, the love between two partners who share their lives fully. Each love can be emotionally fulfilling and can bring happiness to those who share such love.

Loving another means giving of yourself. It means being aware that the other has needs and wants that may sometimes collide with your needs and wants - and yet, being generous enough to put yours aside at times in order to fulfill the other's needs. Love is not always easy. It takes work, dedication, commitment and trust to maintain a love. But when you find those that are willing to also put the work in - the loving results are well worth it.

There IS such a thing as a Soulmate

The term "soulmate" is so casually bounced around these days. It's often used when people are simply in the throes of infatuation, love or even just lust. But the real Soulmate is something so intense, so all-encompassing, that it is difficult to describe. There is truly a mingling of souls ... a complete trust ... a complete honesty ... a knowledge that no matter what happens, the two of you will always be bound together ... Soulmates never lose that.

There is no place for dislike, hate, or even anger between Soulmates, even if the physical world works against you and you need to break apart. A Soulmate does not have to be your life-partner .. that is not always possible nor is it needed. But you will know, to the end of your days, that the love shared was pure, complete, and will never end. Even pain, between the two of you, never results in bitterness or angry words.

Death cannot end the love of a Soulmate. It is forever.

I believe that Soulmates are extremely rare. A person is unlikely to ever have the opportunity to have more than one Soulmate. But having a Soulmate does not mean you can't love others - in fact, in many ways, it opens up your mind and heart to understanding others better.

And yes, I am one of the rare few who have experienced a Soulmate. Agap*E*, Travis ..always.

Tell those you love that you love them, in whatever way works for you.
Once they're gone, it's too late.

During the past several years, I've experienced a number of losses which are quite devastating. One of the only regrets I have is that I have difficulty telling those I love how I feel. I can express it .. show it .. give of myself in other ways, but the word "love" is tough for me. But I've come to accept that, and "love" is not a word you will ever see me throw around indiscriminately.

I do try to show my feelings for those important to me in other ways. It's important to show your love in the present .. because you never know when someone will be gone. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next month - but once they're gone, you will never be able to express your feelings for them again. Don't wait.

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