~Iliamna's Quest~


I didn't start off as a music major in college - spent a year in pre-vet before realizing that I just wasn't quite "settled" enough for that. Music has always been one of my loves, and so I slipped into music instead.

Saxophone was my major instrument. I spent the college years touring with a Jazz group, which was fun and quite eye-opening! ~L~ Now my personal preference is the piano, but only because it allows me full beautiful chords.

As most people involved with music, I write some of my own and also do quite a bit of arranging for my students. My personal style changes from time to time. Some are in emotional minor keys, with wistful melodies weaving in and out. Others are straight-forward pieces in classical style (I especially like the baroque period). If you're hearing piano music here now, it's one of my little pieces that I call "Boundaries". I'm not the one playing - that's actually a computerized piano playing - but it is, indeed, a piece I composed.

On rare occasion I even write songs with words .. but instrumental music seems to come to me more easily. My vocal pieces are either very emotional, or children's pieces.

I have written a few musicals for 4th-5th-6th graders. These were performed publicly and enjoyed by all. One was quite memorable - it delved into the touchy subject of the tourist invasion that happens here each summer. Students and parents alike found this musical quite amusing! There's nothing quite like seeing kids squirming around on the floor trying to be clams .. it has to be seen to be believed ... ~LOL~.

I provide lessons on a number of instruments: piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, violin and drums. The drum lessons are really a blast - I've always loved rhythms and now have a drum set in my living room (along with the keyboard, clarinet, flute and piles of music books).

I have a print music program and have been working on putting some of my songs down in "formal" print. I may get a few more samples on the page, even. But.. in the meantime.. you'll just have to take my word that I'm brilliant..


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