Born in the magnificent territory of Alaska in 1958, I grew up with a mix of wild freedom and tightly controlled home life. My mother was (and still is) an artist, who always encouraged us to draw without boundaries. My father was a structured, hard-working and often impatient man, driven and easily angered. I was the middle child of five, the quiet and self-contained one. We grew up working in the family business. My parents expected hard work and high grades - and none of us wanted the consequences if we failed at either.

You might say that the quest for perfection is a constant drive behind much of what I do. I am always busy with a myriad of tasks, set by myself for a variety of reasons. I am a music teacher by "trade" - with a B.A. in education to back it up. I generally have 30-40 private students in the winters.

I also have a business training dogs and teaching obedience classes. My training of my own dogs has been quite successful, with one nationally ranked at #1 in her breed in obedience competition. In addition to the hands-on training, I have a training book published and carried nationally.

When I'm not teaching music or working with dogs, you'll find me building websites, working on graphics, providing computer services for local businesses, making prints off of our mighty salmon caught here in the Kenai River (some I catch myself), riding horses or teaching riding lessons, or shooting pool (which I don't do enough of these days). Oh - or you may find me chatting online .. *LOL* .. that can be quite addictive!

My latest venture? Gold panning - I'm starting a gold panning business!

Photo taken in November of 2002, at the age of 44.

The picture on the graphic with the falling star is also of me, taken in 2001 - the blue glow is from my monitor (pic was taken by webcam). I do love to smile and laugh, although life has offered too many tears lately.

I'm 5'5", green eyed and with straight dark hair (used to be long, now it's about shoulder-length) - the rest is apt to vary depending on the time of year and how much I feel like dieting .. ~L~ .. being active is not a problem, but I was never meant to be thin!

I am who I am .. and that's fine with me .. ~smiling~

If you get a chance to chat with me .. feel free to ask me about my 10,000 mile road trip (just myself and 3 dogs) from Alaska to a dog show in Missouri .. or about the trip I took down the Alaska-Canada highway with a horse in the bed of my pick-up .. or about hiking on a glacier .. or the time my horse and I fell down the bluff in the winter and had to go miles to find a way back up .. or the time I found a dead whale on the beach at 2 a.m. .. or the first time I gave CPR .. or about my Chow that has been top in the nation in obedience .. or about my training methods .. or the time I was the EMT on a medivac from Alaska to Seattle and back all in one day .. or just ask me about Alaska, the land that I love.

I haven't lived a "typical" life in so many ways. I've been lucky - this I know and am thankful for. And while at times I am sad about some of the hard things life has thrown my way, if I were to die tomorrow it would be knowing that I have had some wonderful journeys already and am just setting forth on one more.

A winter ride on one of my favorite horses, Dandy - February of 1998. It was an exquisite time of my life.

I am blessed to have had access to two of the most fantastic quarterhorses, owned by my good friend Pam. Although I no longer spend the time with them that I used to - or that I want to - I am very grateful to Pam for the freedom I have in interacting with these horses. Dandy is a dark grulla color, with lighter eyes and nostrils that flare red - we fondly call him the "devil horse" .. *L*

My own horse died in 1997, at the age of 29. I haven't gotten another horse and, as long as I live in Alaska, it's doubtful I will. I can never replace Fireweed - he was one in a million, and the trust we had between us was incredible. And here in Alaska, it is SO expensive to have horses!


Okay, time for some other pics - these are links though, so you can choose to go to them or not. I'm sure you really want to see how darn cute I was as a baby - awww, you must admit that's adorable! The next picture is one as a young child. I had such a round cute face! Then, of course, is the year Mom dressed me up as a Majorette. I'm not sure why she did that .. *L*. To finish it off - a pose with a black cat - only visit this one if you're not easily shocked .. *LOL*.

Red salmon I caught on the Kenai River in Soldotna, summer of 1998.

There were four of us fishing (I was the only girl) and I caught the two largest fish! We limited out that day.

Fishing the Kenai River is an experience any avid fisherman should add to their memories. I'm lucky to currently live near the river and can be sitting on the bank within 5 minutes.

I love to spend a late evening on the river, after the guide boats have all headed in and the only sounds you hear are the rushing of the water and the occasional chortle of an eagle. What a life!

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