Kylee Cub

I have a lot of pictures of Kylee Cub - she's been with me since 1991!

The pictures on this page are casual shots - for working pics

(agility, obedience, herding) go to KYLEE'S SECOND PAGE.


Kylee puppy

Kylee at about 10 weeks old. Face was shaved for the entropian surgery.


Kylee with puppy fuzz

She's probably about 8-9 months old in this one .. cute puppy fuzz!


Kylee with wet face ... Santa Kylee

What a cute face ... wet or dry .. ~L~


Kylee, 2nd birthday

I know, I know .. poor dog! Kylee's second birthday party.


Kylee in the snow

She loves the snow, and never seems to get cold.


Kylee and Melanie

Fall of 1997 - I was actually sporting an Alaskan tan!

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