I enjoy making graphics - for websites, for chat tags, and just for fun. I primarily use two programs: Adobe Photoshop and Ulead Gif Animation. Photoshop has been my best buddy, when it comes to making graphics. I rely on it for everything from the most basic to the most advanced graphic.

I've made all the graphics on the site, including buttons.

Here are a few examples of my other graphics. Click on the pics to see full sizes.
Animated graphics are linked at the bottom - click on the link by each description to view.

A simple graphic of a picture I took of a waterfall here in Alaska - raised framework only.

This is a somewhat interesting combination. The fish is actually a photo of a fish print done from about a 50# king salmon.

Taken into Photoshop, the colors were inverted to make the "negative" appearance. With words added and framed, this makes a unique and easily remembered chatting tag.

A "tag" I use for chatting. This is a photo taken my brother - separate frame, nice!

Gold lettering, done with Photoshop 5.5. The framework is a simple pillow embossed style.

Another chatting "tag" .. this one is a photo of a local volcano. Gold lettering, embossed frame.

Playing with gradients in Photoshop! This graphic was a "just for fun" one, to see what I could do.

A Zen saying, on a graphic with gradients used to successful effect.


A banner for website or letterhead use, with a variety of layer effects and airbrushing.


I started playing with animated graphics about 6 months ago, and have had a blast with them. Most are done on chatting tags, just for fun. I often use twinkling stars, but have other effects that are fun too.

WILD - twinkling stars over a mountain scene, with one "falling" star.

SUN - words and my face, fading back and forth, on a sunny background.

GIRAFFE - a classic picture of a giraffe kissing its baby, with stars twinkling.

GRIM REAPER - a Halloween gif, with me carrying the decapitated head of a friend ~L~

DEMON - another Halloween gif, with a play on words - what fun!

BLOOD - okay, so I like Halloween graphics! Words, dripping blood.

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