This is the volcano known as Mt. Iliamna ..

Iliamna's Quest ....

The Alaska Range is full of active, snow-covered volcanic mountains. Three - Spurr, Redoubt and Iliamna - are visible in all their gorgeous splendour from the beach near my home. My favorite mountain has always been the beautiful Iliamna, rising some 10,000 feet above sea level.

I think back to the years I lived in a little log cabin, overlooking the ocean. Mt. Iliamna was directly across Cook Inlet from that cabin. There was an old tree on the bluff, with bare limbs that showed in a stark silhouette against the mountain. That tree was a favored perch of the local bald eagles. Many mornings were spent gazing out the large window of the cabin, hot cup of tea in my hands, watching the eagles as they landed on the tree and posed in majestic splendor against the backdrop of snow-covered Iliamna.

Ahhh, a very peaceful life I had back then!

So welcome to the website of Iliamna's Quest, and join in on this journey ..

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